Week 1 August 2015: Rain = 18 millimetres when we were away.

At the beginning of the week we drove north to the Central Coast to make our final visit. This time we spent a few days with our eldest daughter and her family.

The Central Coast is another beautiful region with lots of waterways and unspoiled bushland. See Brisbane Waters National Park.

The family have a recent addition in the shape of a greyhound named Percy. We took Percy on a few walks.

One night we attended a school concert where our granddaughter was the MC.

After nearly three weeks we arrived home. Everything was ok except that some vegetables had been attacked by our resident kangaroos.

Our automatic watering system worked well when we were away and all plants and cuttings survived. We put in the cuttings collected on our trip including a ground covering form of Chrysocephalum (previously Helichrysum) apiculatum.


Garden Diary