Week 1 August 2013: No rain recorded this week.

Early in the week we took a trip to the Backwater area near Guyra which is north of Yallaroo. The reason for our journey was to collect cuttings of Grevillea scortechinii a very rare species. We collected cuttings from plants that are growing along a gravel road in the area. These plants are at risk from road grading. We also collected cuttings from a semi-prostrate form of Grevillea juniperina that also grows in the area. Near these grevilleas there was a small population of Callitris oblonga, another rare species. We collected cones from this native conifer.

On the way home we stopped at the local Bunnings hardware store where we purchased an advanced plant of Nellie Kellie Blueberry. This is an evergreen variety and the plant was covered in buds and blooms. Each plant is reputed to produce 3 to 5 kilograms of delicious fruit annually.

The next day was spent preparing and putting in cuttings of the material we collected plus the blueberry. At least 60 Grevillea scortechinii cuttings were prepared.

We also found time to pot on struck cuttings of Veronica perfoliata (syn Derwentia perfoliata) , Goodenia decurrens, Asterolasia species, Grevillea Lady O and Thomasia petalocalyx.

This week we made enquiries about connecting to the NBN interim satellite service via our IPS Activ8me. Compared with our present satellite service, NBN satellite offers much greater data usage at any time at about the same cost. In our case this is 10 GB now as against 60 GB with the NBN service. A new dish and modem is required but this is supplied free. We are giving this option serious consideration. We would be interested if any readers have had experience with the NBN satellite service

There are lots of indicators that spring is just around the corner. One of our plum trees is flowering, many wattles are beginning to bloom and late in the week we saw a White-eared Honeyeater on the back of a Grey Kangaroo pulling out fur for use in nest building.


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