Week 1 August 2012:   Rain = 10.5 millimetres

The first two days of the week was spent with family in Sydney and Gosford. We visited two of our grandchildren’s schools. Our visit south coincided with Education Week.

On the last night of our visit we went to the musical “Jekyll and Hyde”. This was performed by the Gosford Musical Society. This is an amateur group but the performance was very professional and an enjoyable time was had by all. One of our son-in-laws had a major role.

One the way home we stopped at the Muswellbrook Forestry Nursery where we purchased eight Banksia integrifolia and two Hakea laurina in tubes. We will plant the Banksias in two closely planted clumps. All Forestry Nurseries, in NSW, are being privatised. Hopefully staff will be retained and they will continue to sell a wide range of native tube stock.

Almost everything at home was ok on our return except that our resident Swamp Wallaby ate all our vegetables to the ground. Hopefully some will regenerate.

A couple of days after our return a stray sheep drowned in one of our ponds. In all our decades of married life removing the deceased sheep was the hardest thing we have ever done. Eventually with the aid of our ride on mower and Datsun utility the body was removed.

The large property next door runs sheep and cattle. One day this week we collected a barrow load of cattle droppings from just over the fence. We soaked the substantial droppinges in water to soften them and they will be placed in our compost tumbler with grass etc to make more compost. The water left over will be diluted and used as liquid fertiliser on various plants.

We are trying to catch up on our potting on. This week struck cuttings of various Cassinias, Callistemons, Correa Autumn Blaze and Prostanthera petraea found homes in tubes.


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