Week 1 August 2011: No rain again

This week our son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren visited. We visited the Armidale markets with them. No native plants were purchased but we did buy four raspberry canes. We have prepared an area where we will grow various vines.

We had a walk to the west of the house and found two more Persoonia cornifolia plants. We have previously found a number of this species scattered around Yallaroo and we were happy to find more.

On another day we visited Uralla, south of Armidale, and looked in some of the craft shops. From there we drove to the Fossicking Area just west of Uralla. This area has been set aside along a watercourse where people pan for gold. Our panning efforts yielded two small flakes of gold. Even at today’s inflated prices they were probably worth about ten cents in total.

This week we welcomed back the Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos. We have not seen them for a few months. We sighted a flock of about eight birds. They are supposed to herald the arrival of rain. We have our fingers crossed.  

The family left towards the end of the week. After their departure we visited friends from Canberra. They have a property towards Armidale. We look forward to their visits as we have a lot in common.

Not much accomplished in the plant line this week although we found time to pot on some seedling Kale plants. In the fullness of time they will be planted in one of our vegetable rings.


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