Week 1 August 2010: Rain = 7.5 millimetres

This week we filled more broccoli boxes with soil ready for our spring vegetable planting.

For a couple of days this week a flock of Choughs were in the Stringybarks around our house. They make a noisy appearance every so often.

As winter continues we spent some time, this week, splitting firewood. This has been a very cold winter up here on the Northern Tablelands. Some gardens, in low-lying areas, have suffered severely from heavy frosts.

More tomato seedlings were potted on this week. Hopefully we will be able to plant them out as the weather warms.

Spent some time mulching some of our newer plantings. We did quite a lot of planting a couple of months ago without mulching. In future we will mulch as we plant.


Garden Diary