Week 1 August 2009:

The first day of the week was spent driving from Gosford, north of Sydney, to home. On the way we stopped, for lunch, at the Forestry Nursery at Muswellbrook. We even purchased some plants including Grevillea Fireworks, Grevillea Lemon Twist, Grevillea Poorinda Queen and Leptospermum Mesmer Eyes.

Everything, with one notable exception, was fine at home. The garden looked good and all our plants in tubes have survived. Unfortunately our telephone was not working. Our mobile coverage is extremely patchy but we did manage to report the fault to Telstra. The phone was fixed towards the end of the week.

We were still suffering from jet lag but managed to take a walk around the garden. We found a Eucalyptus torquata with buds and Hakea multilineata and Acacia terminalis were in full flower.

Our Quail are still around. We startled the pair near our shed.

On our weekly trip to town we ordered a new computer desk. Our present desk is rather small and our writing and computer work has out grown this desk.

After six weeks away we have been reflecting on our trip. It was peak tourist season in Europe during our trip so many places, including Venice, were very crowded. Switzerland was magnificent and our tour around Pompeii was very interesting. The best part of the trip was the time spent in England before, during and after the wedding including our time in London. People were so friendly and helpful. Spending a week in a small English village was a great experience.


Garden Diary