Week 1 August 2008:   Rain = 8 mm this week

There were plenty of cold and frosty mornings this week. Some of our birdbaths froze during the night. We break the ice so that the birds have access to the water. They donít seem to mind the freezing water.

This week we potted on some struck cuttings including Grevillea Sunrise, Grevillea montana and Eremophila microtheca. Grevillea Sunrise is a colourful hybrid and the struck cuttings of Grevillea montana are from a free-flowering plant that we found, some years ago in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales.

We kept the grey water up to our newer garden beds. This will increase the soil moisture level ready for the warmer, higher evaporation months.

We dug a few holes and planted in our Triangle Garden. Twelve plants went into the ground.

Not much more to report this week as the cold weather kept us inside for much of the time. Reading and writing were our pursuits for most of this week.

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