Week 1 August 2007: No rain again.

This was a rather busy week. Firstly relatives spent a couple of days visiting. Then a lady from America spent an afternoon at Yallaroo with her sister from Guyra. Our American visitor is an Australian who has an Australian native plant nursery in California. We had a very interesting and informative afternoon.

One day, this week, we travelled to Warialda and Inverell, northwest of Yallaroo. At Warialda there are large areas of bushland on sandstone. These areas are home to an interesting range of native plants. The most prominent plant is Angophora leiocarpa. The pinkish, smooth trunk is an eye-catching feature. Acacia leiocalyx is a medium shrub that was in full flower. The long, rod-shaped flowers lit up the surrounding bushland. Allocasuarina inophloia is a medium to tall She Oak with fibrous bark that is similar to a Stringybark Eucalypt. Isopogon petiolaris is a semi-prostrate shrub that has yellow flowers and cone-shaped fruits.

At Inverell we visited the Forestry Nursery and as per usual plants were purchased. Included in our purchases were Eucalyptus landsdowneana, Eucalyptus rossii, Angophora leiocarpa and Acacia hakeoides.

At the nursery we saw a flock of Zebra Finches. Unfortunately these delightful small birds do not come east as far as Yallaroo.

From Inverell, on the way home, we visited Goonoowigall Bushland Reserve. This is another area that bulges at the seams with interesting plants. Since our last visit the Trust that manages the Reserve has erected a number of plaques detailing the Aboriginal history of the area and describing some of the plants in the Reserve. We will have to update the Goonoowigall entry on our site.

Some of the plants observed were: Acacia leptoclada, Leptospermum brevipes and Homoranthus prolixus.

After our travelling we spent some time potting on some struck cuttings. Included in the struck cuttings were Grevillea Pink Midget and the Pink Sunrise Daisy. We were glad to increase the number of these two plants as they were presents from our son.

We spent time planting and cutting firewood towards the end of the week. We now have enough firewood to see us through to the end of this winter and most of the next cold season.

A flock of Brown-headed Honeyeaters visited one of our birdbaths one day this week. We rarely see them visiting our plants but they are frequent visitors to our bathing facilities.

New on the Site: Acacia leiocalyx, Allocasuarina inophloia, Angophora leiocarpa, Helichrysum calvertianum and Homoranthus prolixus.


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