Week 1 August 2005: Rain = 24mm
This was very welcome rain and will help build-up the soil moisture ready for spring.
We attended a funeral this week. John Williams, a botanist who lectured at the University of New England , passed away. John had an encyclopaedic knowledge of the flora of New South Wales . He had many botanical publications to his name. John retired some years ago but still pursued his interest in the local flora. We used to collect plant material for Johnís practical classes. We were able to provide native plant material for his funeral service.
Our Eucalyptus albens (White Box) trees are blooming bounteously. Wattle Birds, Friar Birds and Rainbow Lorikeets are feeding on the copious supplies of nectar. Honey bees are also active in the trees.
We were glad to hear that an overseas Botanical Congress has decided to retain the Acacia name for all the Australian species. There was a chance that the name would be changed to Racosperma. Fortunately good sense prevailed.
We were pleased to see a Red-necked Wallaby and joey hop past our deck. We often see adults but this is the first time that a juvenile has been observed.
On the way to Armidale there is a rural subdivision clothed in a large population of Acacia filicifolia. This week the trees were beginning to flower. In the weeks to come the whole area will become a blaze of yellow.
Stayed up very late (or perhaps that should be very early) this week as we watched the cricket ( Australia vs. England ) from Britain . The game was very exciting. Just as well we are retired.
We potted on some Ajuga australis from the garden this week. Our son-in-law is planted a native garden where he teaches and Ajugas occurred naturally in the area.
We spent some time making a list of our digital plant photographs. We have so many that it is hard to keep track of them. The list will allow us to know what photos are available to illustrate plant descriptions on our web site.

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