Week 1 August 2004: Rain = 8mm.

Planting has started again in our Lawn Garden. We have lost some plants in this garden over winter but many plants have survived and thrived. Some plants that appear to have expired may sprout from the roots in the warmer weather. Time will tell.

Spring in just around the corner. Our Acacia baileyana plants are bursting into bloom. We regard these tall, attractive Wattles as “Heralds of Spring”. They will be followed, as spring progresses, by a procession of Wattles both in the garden and the surrounding bushland.

This week we had an unusual sighting. Just outside our bedroom window a Swamp Wallaby was delicately eating leaves of Woolly Mullein, Verbascum thapsus. This herbaceous plant is one of the weeds that appear where sheep rest at night. The species is a reminder of the days when Yallaroo was overgrazed. It was interesting to see one of our macropods featuring the plant in its diet. The more that is eaten the better.

Garden Diary