Week 1 April 2016: No rain this week. The garden is drying out because of lack of rain plus very high temperatures for this time of the year.

Regardless of the weather planting continued. This week 65 plants went into the ground. This reduced the plant backlog to a certain extent but was somewhat balanced out by the cuttings and seedlings potted on this week. Some of the seedlings potted on were Hakea petiolaris, Acacia nana, A. ixiophylla and A. burbidgeae. On top of that we also potted on struck cuttings of Eremophila Kalbarri Carpet, Crowea exalata and Prostanthera densa.

 We moved some sheets of corrugated iron to new section that we are going to plant. This area is west of the house and below our driveway. This will accommodate a large number of plants. We use the iron as an organic herbicide. The iron, after it has been down for a few weeks, kills all the vegetation that it covers. When the iron is lifted we have a bare horticultural canvas to work on.

Our Callistemon Little John is in full flower.

Wildlife observations: Not much to report this week. A Pied Cormorant spent a few days on our big dam. Two swallows managed to fall down our chimney and finished up in our wood heater. We place a piece of bird netting across the front of the heater and open the door. The swallows fly into the netting and then released outside.


Garden Diary