Week 1 April 2017: Rainfall = 1 millimetre

We had our talkback radio programme on the fist day of the week. Some interesting calls. One about Native Apricot (Pittosporum phylliraeoides) will need a follow-up as we had not heard of this common name.

With all the rain in March our big dam is almost full.

We potted on cuttings of Homoranthus sp, Pimelea venosa, Grevillea Jelly Baby, Prostanthera cuneata and seedling Acacia siculiformis.

We also dug holes, planted 12 tubes and mulched the new plants in the garden north of the house.

We found time to mow around the house and in front of the shed using the ride on mower. This is a handy piece of equipment. We use it with a small trailer to cart soil, rocks, mulch and firewood (in season) around Yallaroo as well as mowing.

In the vegetable area we are picking lots of strawberries. This week we also cut back our raspberry and bramble plants. We are growing a number of brambles including thornless blackberries, boysenberries and silvanberries.

We are both avid readers and this week we ordered a Kindle Paperwhite e-reader and received it on the last day of the week. Setting up was very easy. We were amazed by the range of e-books available from Amazon. We managed to order one book which was a collection of mystery stories by Edgar Wallace. He wrote during the 1930ís. These were the first books that we read. Our father had a collection of them. We are looking forward to hunting down more books from this time. Most collections from this era and earlier are about $1 each.


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