Week 1 April 2014: Rain = 32 millimetres another welcome amount. Most rain came in from the east. This was an unusual occurrence. Usually our rain comes from the west.

Planting total this week was 24 tubes.

Struck cuttings potted on: Halgania sp, Prostanthera serpyllifolia, Westringia sp from a relative’s garden and a Brachyscome from another relative’s garden. This latter native daisy has large mauve flowers. We have had difficulty in identifying this species. We also potted on cuttings of passionfruit. We find that cuttings of this vigorous vine produce roots in about 10 days.

We spent some time digging up some of the sedges that grow along the margin of our big dam. They were relocated to the edge of the pond near the house.

We also fitted wire netting around one of our vegetable beds. This is to deter our resident macropods from eating our seedling vegetables. Eventually all our beds will be protected by netting.

Although we are approaching the middle of autumn our garden has a spring feel. This is because, more by good luck than management, we have planted a number of wattles that flower out of the spring season. This week we had Acacia implexa, A. deanei, A. iteaphylla and A. subulata are all blooming bounteously.

Our wildlife sightings this week: Seven Eastern Spinebills cavorting in an Acacia implexa. Also a pair of Spiny-cheeked Honeyeaters was also cavorting in another A. implexa. Our Brown Quail make regular appearances on the mown area near our deck. This week, for the first time in months, we sighted a Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo resting in one of our Angophoras.


Garden Diary