Week 1 April 2012: No rain again this week.

The garden is becoming very dry and this week we commenced survival watering. We let the hose run, for short periods, on various Prostantheras (Mint Bushes). Plants recovered overnight. This is the first time we have had to water mature plants to ensure their survival. We also watered some of our newer garden beds.

Two groups of relatives visited this week for short periods. We enjoyed catching-up with brothers, sisters, their spouses, daughters, nieces and grand children.

After our visitors departed time was spent digging holes, planting and mulching. This week 33 plants found homes in the garden.

The 1st of April was the 17th anniversary of our retirement from the Botany Department at the University of New England. We have never regretted retiring.

A few weeks ago we bought some passionfruit vines from a local hardware store. We took cuttings, as is our wont, and this week found that all the cuttings had strong roots. This was only after three weeks. The cuttings were potted on.

We visited another hardware store and purchased large bags of Dynamic Lifter and Blood and Bone. We used gift cards for the purchases. These were Christmas presents from our children.

We have a number of large Callitris enderlicheri, Black Cypress Pines, in plantings near our front gate. They were planted many years ago. This week we found eight Callitris seedlings downhill from the mature plants.


Garden Diary