Week 1 April 2011: No rain again.

This week we celebrated our 16th anniversary. On the 1st April 1995 we retired from the Botany Department at the University of New England. Our colleagues thought that this was an appropriate day for our retirement.

Planting total this week = 32

We moved some sheets of corrugated iron to a new area exposing a bare area ready for planting.

This week potting on continued including seedlings of Eucalyptus macrandra, Eucalyptus pulverulenta and Allocasuarina grampiana. We also potted on struck cuttings of Black Passionfruit.  A feral Passionfruit came up in the bush near our vegetable rings and the cuttings were taken from this plant. They produced good roots in about three weeks.

We also collected cuttings from a native raspberry that we found growing in our regenerating grassland.

Speaking of vegetables this week we picked beans, tomatoes and zucchinis. The zucchinis came from plants that are growing in one of our newer native garden beds. We planted the seeds about a month ago in the same holes as planted natives.

We watered our newer plantings with grey water this week. Collecting our grey water has proved a boon for establishing plants.

There were a couple of wildlife sightings this week. We disturbed a flock of quail near our shed and sighted a Yellow Robin in the eucalypts also near the shed. This is the second sighting of this attractive bird in a couple of weeks.

A flock of Currawongs were unwelcome visitors one morning. They were eating the ripening persimmons in our orchard. This necessitated rapid action and we quickly covered the tree with netting.

New on the site: Eremophila debilis


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