Week 1 April 2010:   Rain = 16 millimetres

Happy Easter to our Readers

This week is the 15th Anniversary of our retirement. We celebrated the event with our eldest daughter and her family. They are spending this week at Yallaroo.

Not much gardening undertaken this week. Plenty of throwing Frisbees and playing other games.

One afternoon we all walked down to our Small Dam (the one visible on our home page) and were surprised by the number of small frogs that we disturbed along the margins of the dam. We saw about three species.

The nights are getting colder and we lit our fire on a couple of occasions. In the near future we will have to cut some firewood for winter.

One morning we came across lots of birds amongst our fruit trees. Silvereyes, Double-bars, Red-brows and Spinebills were flying amongst the trees. The Silvereyes were eating our ripening persimmons. We picked 12 undamaged fruit. Last year we picked 100 persimmons. Hopefully next year we will have another bumper crop.

This week we emptied our rotary composter and extracted a small mountain of beautiful compost. The composter is very efficient and produces excellent compost in a couple of months.

Our daughter and her family returned home at the end of the week. Things are now very quiet at Yallaroo.


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