Week 1 April 2009: Rain = 6.5 mm

This was a rather exciting week. Firstly it was the 14th anniversary of our retirement. Then we decided to spend a couple of days at Coffs Harbour on the North Coast of New South Wales. Unfortunately this was not the best time to visit the North Coast. The rain bucketed down and there was extensive flooding and high seas. Our activities were curtailed and we had to spend an extra day on the coast because the roads were cut. We eventually arrived home after making a 100 kilometre detour. Hopefully next time the weather will be kinder.

We managed to visit a nursery and purchased some Grevillea hookeriana and Melaleuca laterita plants. We also collected some cutting material from some dwarf Acacia cognata plants.

The Coffs Harbour area received over 400 mm of rain. What a pity that only 6.5 mm fell on Yallaroo.

Later in the week some relatives visited for a couple of days and we spent some time showing them around the garden.

One day this week there was a flock of Red-browed Finches in the shrubbery near our back patio. These delightful small birds are now permanent residents.

We spent one morning mowing around the house and the large area north of our residence. This should be the last time we mow until spring. We collected some lawn clippings and these will be composted in our efficient rotary composter.

Some Silver Beet seedlings were planted in one of our vegetable rings.


Garden Diary