Week 1 April 2006: Rain = 4mm
The 1st April was the 11th anniversary of our retirement from paid work. We have never regretted taking early retirement.
Our tomatoes are bearing very well. This week we made some tomato relish from some of our “edible exotics”.
This week a Grey Fantail has spent some time in the gardens around the house. We are always pleased to see these cheerful birds.
Saw seven Brown-headed Honeyeaters using one of our birdbaths. A friend from Tamworth identified 27 different bird species bathing in one of her large birdbaths one day last week.
A morning was spent watering our new plantings with grey water. Once these plants are two years old the watering regime will cease and the plants will have to survive on rainfall.
This week a Hakea cycloptera started to flower. This is the second year that this small Hakea has flowered. We finally identified the species just the other day.
Planting is continuing. Our recent plantings are developing rapidly. The plants should be established before the onset of winter.
We found a snake skin, in the garden, this week. It appears to a Black Snake skin and measured 1.4 metres long. This would be a rather large snake.
Some time was spent mowing this week. This should be the last time we mow until spring. We also cut up some firewood ready for our cold winters.

Garden Diary