Week 1 April 2005: No rain this week.
This is a special week. It is ten years since I retired from the Botany Department of the University of New England . I have never regretted making this decision all those years ago.
Callistemon Candy Pink is flowering in our gardens. This is a very reliable Bottlebrush that flowers for many months of the year.
This week we watered some of our edible exotics with potash. Hopefully this will trigger fruit production next season.
Up went another timber structure in one of our garden beds this week. These garden sculptures are used by birds and lizards as well as providing support for climbing natives such as Clematis.
A lady called this week about a flowering Wattle outside her home in Armidale. On our shopping day we looked at the plant and decided that it was Acacia subulata. This species flowers nearly all year except spring when it allows the other Wattles to take over.
Although there has been no substantial rain for some time we are still planting. We have about 500 plants waiting to go into the ground. Hopefully the rain will come soon.

Garden Diary