Week 1 April 2004: No rain this week.
This week is the 9th anniversary of our retirement. One of best decision made in our 40 years of married life.
We celebrated our retirement and a relative’s birthday by spending a few days at Coffs Harbour on the North Coast of New South Wales. We visited Dorrigo National Park on the way.
Also paid a visit to the North Coast Regional Botanic Garden. This is a beautiful area and contains interesting collections of natives and exotics plus a boardwalk through mangroves.
Moonee Beach Nature Reserve was another area that we visited. This Reserve preserves a stunning beach and a number of rare plants.
On the way to Coffs Harbour sections of the road is lined with Melaleuca quinquefaria trees. They were in full flower.
As per usual, we visited some nurseries when we were away. We bought a hybrid Waratah as well as Grevillea beadleana and Grevillea mollis. Both Grevilleas are rare species from northern New South Wales.
On the way home we stopped at Bellingen. This town, between the Coast and Tablelands, has streets lined with Firewheel Trees (Stenocarpus sinuatus). They were covered with bright orange-red flowers in whorls.
Back home we planted some vegetables in large pots. Our Broad beans are almost leaping out of their pots.
Saw a Blue-banded Bee on the base of a flower of Isotoma axillaris. The native bee was punching a hole in the base, of the tubular flowers, to extract nectar.

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