Wingham-Brush.JPG (42278 bytes)Wingham Brush Nature Reserve: is managed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service of New South Wales. The eight hectare Reserve is situated in the township of Wingham inland from Taree on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales.
Wingham Brush Nature Reserve is a very small but important remnant of subtropical floodplain rainforest. It was part of the Big Scrub, a 75,000 hectare area that once dominated the north-east New South Wales . Other remnants are scattered throughout the north-east but Wingham Brush is probably the most accessible.
Wingham Brush is an important maternity site for the threatened Grey-headed Flying-fox.
Tall, buttressed rainforest trees (see photograph) dominate the Reserve. Thick vines loop through the magnificent trees.
Many rainforest birds inhabit the Reserve and visitors will often see Brush Turkeys scratching amongst the moist leaf litter.
There is an extensive boardwalk that loops through the Reserve. This allows visitors to enjoy the Reserve without damaging the fragile soil.
Adjacent to the Reserve there is a riverside park complete with picnic tables and toilets.
Access to the reserve is clearly signposted.
Some years ago the Reserve was dominated by an invasive, exotic vine known as Bridal Creeper. Volunteers spent many hours removing this aggressive invader and now the Reserve resemble what this section of the Big Scrub must have looked like prior to European settlement.