Why Cuttings? At Yallaroo we propagate the majority of plants grown in the gardens. Basically we use two methods of propagation. About 40% of the plants are propagated from seed, with 60% propagated from cuttings. Generally cutting propagation is more difficult than growing from seed. Why do we bother with cuttings?

These are three reasons why we persist with cuttings.

1. Hybrid must be propagated from cuttings. Even if hybrids produce seeds there is no guarantee that the resulting seedlings will come true to type. Grevillea hybrids come under this category.

2. Some natives have seeds that are difficult to propagate from seed whilst some species do not produce seeds. Correas, Prostantheras and Westringias come under these categories.

3. Plant maturity is an important reason for cutting propagation. Struck cuttings are the same age as the parent plant. If the parent has reached the stage of flowering then the cutting will also be at the flowering stage and should bloom during the next flowering season. Plants grown from seed may take many years to reach maturity. Banksias are examples of early flowering from cuttings rather than seeds.