Ibis.JPG (40398 bytes)White Ibis (Threskiornis molucca): is also known as the Black-necked Ibis.
The White Ibis is a tall bird that may reach a height of 760 millimetres. The body colour is white and the head and long bill are black. The flight feathers have black tips and there is a bunch of black, lacy feathers above the yellowish tail.
White Ibis may be observed singly or in large flocks. Flocks are often seen in pastures and swamps where they consume large quantities of insects.
Flocks fly and glide in large formations. White Ibis are often associated with Straw-necked Ibis.
The nest is a shallow cup of sticks and other vegetation and nest in colonies.
White Ibis are common in eastern Australia and the coast of Western Australia.
They are useful birds as they eat destructive insects including grasshoppers. Unfortunately in some areas White Ibis have become a nuisance. The bird photographed is a resident of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. In the Gardens many White Ibis have become very tame and spend their days begging for food scraps from visitors. They have become long-necked versions of the ubiquitous pigeon. It remains to be seen how this unhealthy diet affects the population.