White-headed.JPG (160977 bytes)White-headed Pigeon (Columba leucomela): is about 400 millimetres long with a white head and breast. The back, wings and tail are black. The abdomen, lower breast and under tail are grey. The bill and eye-ring are red.
The White-headed Pigeon is seen singly, in pairs or small flocks. The species is said to be rather shy but becomes used to some human contact (see image).
The nest is a basic platform of twigs, often high in canopy. One creamy-white egg is laid.
The White-headed Pigeon is found in coastal regions from north Queensland to the South Coast of New South Wales.
The pair illustrated was visiting a bird feeder on a verandah in Gosford, north of Sydney. At times six individuals were perched on the feeder.
White-winged Pigeons are often observed around Taree on the North Coast of New South Wales.