Chough.JPG (32672 bytes)White-winged Chough (Corcorax melanorhamphos): is an Australian mud-nester. The only other Australian mud-nester is the Apostlebird. Mud-nesters a very gregarious and breed, nest and feed in groups. Groups work together building   bucket-shaped mud nests.
A number of female Choughs may lay eggs in the nest. The group co-operates in feeding the young.
White-winged Choughs are large blackish birds with long tails. Their flight feathers have a white patch that that is prominent in flight. Eyes are orange-red and their legs are black.
They are usually seen in groups of from five to ten but when food is plentiful large associations may form. Choughs usually feed on the ground and have harsh calls. Their diet consists of small vertebrates, invertebrates and sometimes seed.
White-winged Choughs are found in southern Queensland , New South Wales , Victoria and the southern areas of South Australia and Western Australia .
We are sometimes visited by Choughs. They make their presence noticed by their raucous calls.
The bird illustrated is a member of a group that lives in the National Botanic Gardens in Canberra . These birds have become used to people and are moderately tame. There would not be many other places where you are able to have close contact with these interesting Australian birds.