West_sp.JPG (24320 bytes)Westringia species: Is our favourite Westringia. There are 25 species plus a number of cultivars. Westringias occur throughout Australia with the exception of the Northern Territory. They are members of the Lamiaceae family in company with the native Prostantheras and culinary mints.
Westringia species is a native of the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales. It is confined to the gorge system in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park.
Westringia species is a small to medium shrub with small shiny leaves and eye-catching purple flowers that are carried throughout the year.
Note the maroon dots on the petal. In company with all Westringias, these dots send a message to pollinating insects that there is nectar at the base of the tubular flower.
Originally the species was included in Westringia glabra (a Victorian species). It is now accepted that this Northern Tablelandís Westringia is a separate species.
Westringia species is a native plant with tremendous horticultural potential. Both foliage and particularly the flowers are attractive features. The plant is small enough to be accommodated in most gardens. Rockeries and native cottage gardens will benefit from the addition of this beautiful plant.