West_cheelii.JPG (49905 bytes)Westringia cheelii: is a member of the Lamiaceae family in company with the Prostantheras (native Mint Bushes) and culinary mints. 
Westringia cheelii is a shrub that reaches a height of about one metre, has small leaves in whorls of three. The lobed flowers are white with brown or purple spots. The main flowering period extends from August to November with sporadic blooming at other times. Many native insects are attracted to the flowers.
Westringia cheelii is virtually unknown in cultivation but is common in the Pilliga Scrub. During its flowering period, Westringia cheelii, lights up the Pilliga bushland.
The species occurs in north western New South Wales as well as Queensland.
This is an attractive small shrub that would be a useful addition to a cottage garden or rockery. All Westringias have proved to be hardy and free flowering. There is no reason to believe that Westringia cheelii will be any different in cultivation.
Tip prune to keep the plant bushy and flowering profusely. Propagate from cuttings.