Week 1 April 2013: The dry spell continues. No rain recorded this week.

The 1st of April was the 18th anniversary of our retirement from the University of New England, Armidale.

Also on the first day of the week the family members, who has visited for Easter, left for homes. Things at Yallaroo will be quieter but we miss them.

One night this week, at about 10 pm, something crashed into our lounge room window. On investigating we found a stunned flying fox on our front verandah. Before I could reach for the camera the bat took off and flew into the darkness. We didnít realise that flying foxes could take off when they were flat on the ground. This is the first, of these large bats, that we have sighted at Yallaroo.

Planting continued with nine plants going into the ground. We also started to renovate the area in front of our big pond. The area has become a bit of an eyesore. Moved lots of rocks, dug out weeds and planted Lomandra longifolia and Myoporum parvifolium.  Once the area was tidied there is enough room to plant a few shrubby native plants. Our planting schedule, over summer and autumn, has meant that we have reduced the backlog of plants ready to go into the garden.

On the domestic scene this week our microwave oven failed. The oven was under warranty and we were able to swap it for a new one at the local Harvey Norman store. We always receive helpful and friendly service from this store. Plus their prices are very reasonable.


Garden Diary