Wattles for North and Northwest Gardens.

There are at least 1000 Acacias or Wattles native to Australia. In company with the Eucalypts they occur throughout our island continent.
Wattles will survive and thrive for many years. Pruning is important to keep your Wattles growing vigorously and blooming bounteously. As the flowers fade, prune each branch behind the spent flowers.
Most Wattles flower in spring. Some of the species listed will flower at other times. These out-of-season Wattles will bring that spring feeling to your garden throughout the year.
The species listed should be suitable for cultivation throughout the north and northwest of New South Wales. They are only a small selection of the species suitable for cultivation..

Acacia acinacea: Gold-dust Wattle. Medium. Bright yellow-Spring.
A. baileyana: Cootamundra Wattle. Tall. Blue-green foliage. Bright yellow flowers-late winter. There is also a ground covering form.
A. boormanii: Snowy River Wattle. Medium. Deep golden flowers-spring.
A. cardiophylla: Wyalong Wattle. Medium. Ferny Foliage. Golden yellow-spring.
A. covenyi: Blue Bush. Rare. Medium. Blue-green foliage. Bright yellow flowers-spring.
A. cultriformis:  Knife-leaf Wattle. Medium. Bright yellow flowers-spring
A. dealbata: Silver Wattle. Tall. Silvery-white foliage. Pale to bright yellow flowers-spring.
*A. deanei: Deane’s Wattle. Ferny foliage. Pale yellow flowers. Throughout the year.
A. decurrens: A Black Wattle. Tall. Ferny foliage. Golden yellow flowers-spring.
A. fimbriata: Fringed Wattle. Medium. Pale yellow flowers-spring.
A. flexifolia: Bent-leaf Wattle. Small. Pale yellow flowers-late winter.
A. implexa: Hickory Wattle. Tall. Pale yellow flowers-sporadic.
*A. iteaphylla: Flinders Range Wattle. Medium. Pale yellow flowers-Autumn to winter.
A. lineata: Streaked Wattle. Small. Bright yellow flowers-late spring.
A. polybotrya: Western Silver Wattle. Ferny foliage. Bright yellow flowers-spring.
A. rubida: Red-stemmed Wattle. Medium to tall. Bright yellow flowers-spring.
A. spectabilis: Mudgee Wattle. Tall. Ferny foliage. Bright golden yellow flowers-spring.
*A. subulata: Awl-leaf Wattle. Medium. Yellow flowers-most of year.
A. triptera: Spur-wing Wattle. Very prickly foliage. Bright yellow flowers-spring.
A. vestita: Weeping Boree. Tall. Pendulous branches. Grey-green foliage. Golden flowers-spring.
* These Wattles will flower out-of-season.
There are ground covering forms of Acacia baileyana and Acacia dealbata.