Warra_NP.JPG (25435 bytes)Warra National Park: is a recent addition to the New South Wales National Park estate. The Park is situated north east of Armidale and south east of Glen Innes on the Northern Tablelands of NSW with an area of 2024 hectares (5000 acres). Apart from fire trails the Park is undeveloped. Warra National Park protects a rare sample of tablelands old growth forest that supports a variety of plants and wildlife. Over 500 plant species call Warra National Park home. On a recent visit (August 2001) we saw Red-necked Wallabies and Swamp Wallabies.
Near the Park entrance there are extensive wetlands supporting many plants adapted to life in moist situations. Surrounding these wetlands are clumps of Banksia marginata. These plants are about two metres tall and in autumn and winter are covered in pale yellow, nectar-filled flower spikes. Crown Mountain is a prominent peak in the Park and is covered with large granite boulders.
The image shows one of the Park's wetlands with Banksia marginata in the middle distance and old growth forest in the background.