Week 3 December 2014: Rain = 5.5 millimetres

We had a big planting this week with 48 plants going into the ground. The new plantings were watered, mulched and blood and bone was spread around to deter the rabbits.

Our son and family arrived safely in England on a Christmas visit to relatives.  

Our youngest daughter and her family flew out later in the week. They are spending the holidays in France and the United Kingdom.

We fertilised our vegetables with liquid fertiliser. Our citrus and blueberry plants were also fertilised. Whilst we were away, on our cruise, either a rabbit or kangaroo ate all the leaves off our lemon tree. Since our return the plant has put on a whole new set of leaves plus buds. We will protect this plant with netting.

An area of our northern garden, to be planted, was sprayed with Glyphosate herbicide this week. We use this chemical sparingly and find that it is very effective in controlling a range of unwanted plants.

Lots of cuttings and some seedlings are ready to pot on. This week cuttings of Grevillea amethyst, Correa species and seedlings of Allocasuarina grampiana and Hakea salicifolia found their way into tubes. We were given some Tree Starter fertiliser by our friends from Canberra. This chemical is placed in planting holes. We are trying it in some tubes. Half the potted on Hakea salicifolia had Tree Starter in their tubes and the other half was the control with none. We will see if there is any difference in their growth rates.

We also found a smidgin of time to watch the cricket between Australia and India.

Some wildlife sightings: A male Blue Wren spent some time attacking its image in our shed window. We sighted our first Dollar Bird. They migrate from northern areas in early summer and leave in autumn. Three Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos spent a morning in a Hakea eriantha shrub cracking open the woody fruits and extracting the seeds.

New on our site: Callistemon rugulosus, Epacris purpurascens, Grevillea Coastal Glow, Isopogon formosus, Scaevola Aussie Salute and Scaevola Mauve Mist.


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