Week 2 December 2012: Rain = 25 millimetres

Early in the week we experienced a noisy storm that yielded 25 millimetres. Unfortunately one of the stringybarks outside our boundary was struck by lightning. The tree was close to our telephone cable and we lost our phone. Since then we have been trying to have the fault repaired. We may not have repairs undertaken until next week.

More planting in the renovated garden, west of the house. We put 11new plants in this area.

Our Willie Wagtails have now laid three eggs in their nest just outside our back verandah.

A few months ago we bought 5 seedling passionfruit plants from a well-known hardware warehouse. We planted one in our sonís Sydney garden. The others were planted in our garden. The plants never prospered and 2 died. When these were pulled up we found that the roots were enclosed in small net bags about 3 centimetres across. The roots are confined in the bags and consequently all the plants will expire. We have emailed the company and included a photo of the suffering roots. Hopefully we will hear from them.

Frogs have been busy at Yallaroo with two rafts of frog spawn appearing in our big pond.

One day we spent a day at Inverell on family business. We found time to visit the Tree Tenders Nursery and purchased a number of tubes at $1 each plus pots of Grevillea lanigera a cream-flowered form, Crowea exalata, Grevillea thelemanniana, Prostanthera aspalathoides and Leptospermum deuense.   

On the way home we visited a site beside the road where there is a population of Acacia flexifolia. These plants have developed a mounded ground cover growth habit. Usually this species develops into an upright small shrub. Cuttings and seeds were collected.

One afternoon, at the end of the week, two researchers visited Yallaroo. They are extracting compounds from various native plants including the Prostantheras (Mint Bushes). They collected foliage of Prostanthera petraea and Prostanthera rotundifolia.


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