Week 2 April 2014: Rain = 2 millimetres

This week we did some mowing with our push mower. The clippings were collected, mixed with sawdust, blood and bone and pelletised poultry manure and placed in our compost tumbler. With a month or so we will have rich compost that will be used on our vegetables and incorporated into our potting mix.

This week we did not get around to potting on any rooted cuttings. There are plenty ready for potting on but we seemed to be busy with other activities.

Planting was one of this week’s activities. This time we emptied 22 tubes with these plants going into the garden north of the house.

We also planted various sedges and native daisies around our big pond. The area was also mulched. Broad bean seeds were sowed in one of our vegetable beds. We also cut up wire netting to place around each vegetable bed. This will protect the developing produce from hungry macropods and rabbits.

Wildlife sightings this week: Our Brown Quail are still feeding on the mown area near our deck. At night there is a small tree frog on our lounge room window successfully catching even smaller moths attracted by the light. We sighted a pair of Rose Robins perched in one of our Acacia implexa trees. Also from a window at the back of the house we saw three Striated Pardalotes in one of our Leptospermum brevipes shrubs. Hopefully they will use our nesting tubes this year. The tubes are mounted under our eaves and are used annually.

The highlight of the week was an invitation, from our friends who live west of Yallaroo, to a spit roast on Saturday night. We had an enjoyable time, met many of the local farming community and found out some of the history of the Yarrowyck area. Our friends live at the foot of Mt Yarrowyck. This is the large lump of rock in the photo on our home page.


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