Week 4 August 2010: Rain = 17 millimetres

Spent some time this week mulching one of our newer garden beds. With the continuous rainfall, weeds are going to take off once the warmer weather arrives. Mulching will inhibit weed seed germination.

One morning we attacked some logs with the chainsaw and cut up more firewood. It should not be long before the weather warms and no heating will be necessary.

A small flock of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos flewover one day this week. It is many months since these large parrots have visited Yallaroo.

With the constant rain both our dams are almost full. The same applies to all the water storages in the district.

Plenty of plants are anticipating spring and bursting into bloom. Acacia paradoxa and Hakea multilineata are covered in flowers.


Garden Diary