Viola_heder.jpg (14043 bytes)Viola hederacea: There are about 450 violet species worldwide. Australia is home to six species. Viola hederacea is a widespread species and occurs throughout eastern NSW, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland. Viola hederacea is a spreading ground cover with heart-shaped leaves and mauve and white flowers carried on short erect stems. Flowers are carried for many months. In sheltered situations Viola hederacea will form mats up to a metre across.  Our Viola hederacea are growing under tree ferns and shrubs. Plants growing in more exposed situations are cut by frost. This attractive ground cover may be cultivated in rockeries, shrubberies and hanging baskets. Viola hederacea is a colourful, weed suppressing native ground cover. Propagate from runners. There is a less vigorous form with blue flowers known as “Baby Blue”.