Villarsia.JPG (35129 bytes)Villarsia exalata: is a member of the Menyanthaceae family and is known as the Erect Marsh Flower.
The Erect Marsh Flower is a tufted aquatic plant that will grow in water up to 50 centimetres deep or very wet soil.
Ovate leaves are usually held above the water on long petioles (leaf stalks). Yellow flowers, up to two centimetres across, are carried on branching stems that may be a metre long. Flowering is said to occur from spring to early autumn. The specimen illustrated is growing in one of our frog ponds. The plant, in a pot, was placed in the water in February 2006. By September 2006 the plant was in full flower. By early summer flowering had well and truly finished.
Villarsia exalata is an attractive, free-flowering aquatic species that would grace any ornamental pond.
The Erect Marsh Flower occurs throughout eastern, coastal Australia including Tasmania.
We purchased our plant from a mail order nursery. This is a satisfactory way of buying aquatic plants.
Propagate from seed.