Carnivorous_snail1.JPG (14104 bytes)Victaphanta atramentaria: is a native, carnivorous land snail. This species differs from theCarnivorous_snail2.JPG (15078 bytes) introduced common or garden snail both in size and diet.

Victaphanta atramentaria feeds on worms, other molluscs and insect larvae. This snail is smaller than the introduced common or garden snail (see right image). The Carnivorous Snail has a shell that is about two centimetres across (see left image).

Victaphanta atramentaria is said to live in deep litter in temperate rain forests in Victoria. At Yallaroo they live in Eucalypt woodland.

The specimen photographed came out of one of our gardens after a shower of rain in December 2007. At Yallaroo we often find empty shells in our gardens. This live specimen was one of the few that we have observed over a period of more than ten years. Hopefully live specimens will become more common with the shelter provided by our developing gardens.

Victaphanta atramentaria is said to prey on introduced snails and slugs. If this is correct then larger populations, of Carnivorous Snails, will exert some control on these introduced pests.

Victaphanta atramentaria is listed as a threatened species in Victoria.