V.plumosa.JPG (49365 bytes)Verticordia plumosa: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and there are about 100 species in the genus. Nearly all species are endemic to the south-western area of Western Australia .
In the eastern states most species have proved to be difficult to cultivate. Verticordia plumosa is an exception. It is probably the most widely cultivated Verticordia and at Yallaroo has proved to be hardy and free-flowering.
Verticordia plumosa is known as the Plumed Feather Flower and develops into a rounded shrub 50 centimetres high by 50 centimetres wide. The leaves are small, terete (circular in cross-section) and grey-green. Pink, feathery flowers in dense terminal heads are carried in spring.
Apparently there are eight varieties of this Western Australian native.
Pruning, after flowering, is appreciated.
One author states that the Plumed Feather Flower is short lived with a life span of three years. Our specimen (see photo)  is at least five years old and is still blooming bounteously.
A few years ago we visited Western Australia . The Plumed Feather Flower was the most common Verticordia observed on the trip.
Propagate from cuttings.