Velvet_Cushion.JPG (21505 bytes)Melaleuca incana “Velvet Cushion”: Melaleuca incana is a native of Western Australia and has proved to be a popular garden subject. The “normal” form is an upright shrub with pendulous foliage. There is now another form known as Melaleuca incana “Velvet Cushion”. This form is a rounded shrub with dense grey, pendulous foliage. “Velvet Cushion” reaches a height of about 50 centimetres with a similar spread. Well-drained situations suit “Velvet Cushion” and it makes an eye-catching addition to rockeries. We have a number of growing at Yallaroo and are planting more as our gardens expand. Propagation must be from cuttings to retain the form of this delightful plant.