Umbrella-fern.JPG (33448 bytes)Umbrella Fern: is known botanically as Stickerus flabellatus. Shiny Fan Fern is another common name. The Umbrella Fern is a spreading plant with rhizomes*. Fronds are carried on erect brown stems that may reach a height of a metre. The fronds are held in layers that resemble umbrellas.
The Umbrella Fern is an attractive species that requires constant moisture. Death often results if the roots dry out.
Stickerus flabellatus is an excellent ground cover for moist areas. The specimen illustrated was growing in the bed of a creek in Coorabaken National Park on the North Coast of New South Wales.
The Umbrella Fern is widely distributed and occurs in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, New Guinea, New Zealand and New Caledonia.
Propagate by careful division of rhizomes.
*Rhizome: in ferns this is the term that refers to an underground or above ground stem. Fern stems or stipes are attached to the rhizome.