Trochocarpa_sp.JPG (52329 bytes)Trochocarpa species A: is a member of the Epacridaceae family. Until recently this species was included in the Trochocarpa laurina complex. Trochocarpa species A has significant differences from Trochocarpa laurina. ďSpecies AĒ has smaller leaves, young leaves are red and the fruits are smaller.
Trochocarpa species A is said to develop into a small tree. The plants that we have observed are usually about two metres tall.
This new species is known as Mountain Tree Heath or Maidenís Blush. The latter name refers to the red juvenile foliage. Adult leaves are elliptic to narrow elliptic with longitudinal veins. Small flowers are white, carried in terminal spikes. Flowering occurs between January and July. Fruits are five centimetres in diameter and blue-black to dark purple.
The bright red, juvenile foliage is the most eye-catching feature of the Maidenís Blush.
Trochocarpa species A occurs above an altitude of 1300 metres on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales and is common in New England National Park , east of Armidale.
We were rangers, in this Park, many years ago and during spring, Maidenís Blush was the plant that most visitors asked about. They wanted to know the name of the plant with red flowers. We explained that this was new foliage.
Propagation is from cuttings. This species, as well as other family members, are rather difficult to propagate. Some experimentation needs to be undertaken to unlock this species propagation secrets. 
Trochocarpa Species A has the potential to be one of the most attractive Australian native foliage plants.