Thryptomene.JPG (14500 bytes)Thryptomene saxicola: Is a member of the Myrtaceae family. There are at least 32 species of Thryptomene, all native to Australia. They occur in all states. Western Australia has the lionís share with about 24 species.
Thryptomene saxicola is one of these Western Australian natives. It is a short shrub (one metre tall) with arching branches, small, aromatic leaves and pale pink flowers. The flowers appear in winter-spring and are massed along the branches.
 Thryptomene saxicola is an attractive small shrub suitable for cultivation in rockeries, native cottage gardens and a foreground plant in shrubberies. Native bees and other small insects are attracted to the flowers. They are too small to be attractive to Honey Bees.
The species propagates readily from cuttings.
Sorry about the colour of the flowers in the image. Our digital camera has some difficulty in coping with pink flowers.