Styphelia-CRNP.jpg (39885 bytes)Styphelia perileuca: is a member of the Epacridaceae family. It is an erect to spreading shrub that may reach a height of 70 centimetres.
The leaves are broad-elliptic, about ten millimetres long, grey-green with numerous parallel veins.
Flowers are tubular, pendulous and translucent yellow-green with fine red stripes. Spring is the flowering period.  
Styphelia perileuca grows in dry sclerophyll forest on granite-based soil. It is a very rare species that occurs in a small area on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales. The total population is protected in a National Park.
As far as we know, Styphelia perileuca is not in cultivation. If or when the species becomes available it would be an interesting addition to a native garden.
Propagation is difficult from both seed and cuttings although we have seen another rare species, Styphelia psiloclada, for sale in a nursery. This indicates that someone must be able to propagate the genus.
Styphelia psiloclada comes from southern New South Wales.