Striated_pard_1.JPG (29760 bytes)Striated Pardalote (Pardalotus striatus): is a small bird that reaches a length of 115 millimetres.Striated_pard_2.JPG (16523 bytes) The species is widespread with several races.

Race substriatus appears to be the race that visits and hopefully will nest at Yallaroo.

Our Striated Pardalote has a striped crown, red to orange wingspot and a broad white wing streak. Females are somewhat duller and juveniles have grey-black crowns.

The Striated Pardalote is found in Eucalypt forests, woodlands, in trees along watercourses and in dry mulga areas.

Nests may be globular in tree hollows or in a chamber at the end of a 60 centimetre tunnel. The tunnels may be constructed in sandpits, creek banks or road-cuttings. Cracks or holes in buildings have been used. Striated Pardalotes will also use nesting tubes (see right image). There are 2-5 white, round or oval eggs.

The species is found in suitable habitat throughout Australia and some coastal islands.

The Striated Pardalote photographed is inspecting a nesting tube under the roof of our back patio in August 2008. Hopefully nesting will occur in the spring of 2008.

Striated Pardalotes have used a hollow in a Eucalyptus albens (White Box) near our home. We have also observed a pair using a hole in the Zoology building (very appropriate) at the University of New England in northern New South Wales.