Spotted_frog.jpg (143378 bytes)Spotted Grass (or Marsh) Frog (Limnodynastes tasmaniensis): is found throughout New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania as well as most of Queensland and eastern South Australia. It is one of the commonest frogs throughout its range.
The Spotted Grass Frog is between 30-47 mm long. Adults usually have large, olive green blotches on the back. They sometimes have a yellow, red or orange stripe down the middle of the back. At Yallaroo we have Spotted Grass Frogs with and without stripes along the back.
Spotted Grass Frogs are found in wet areas in a range of habitats. During dry periods adults will shelter under large rocks and other hiding places. We have observed one specimen sheltering under a vegetable box in company with ten Eastern Common Froglets.
They are common in farm dams. Males float in the water whilst calling. They usually hide in floating vegetation.
The individual photographed was found in a new pond in the gardens at Yallaroo during May 2006.