Pardalote.JPG (12207 bytes)Spotted Pardalote: The Australian bush is full of beautiful and unique small birds. One of the most endearing is the Spotted Pardalote, Pardalotus punctatus. The Spotted Pardalote has been described as small and jewel-like. This is a very apt description. Head, wings and tail are black with white spots. Under the tail is bright yellow and the rump is chestnut red.
Spotted Pardalotes spend most of their time in the canopy where they feed on insects. They nest in holes excavated in loose soil and tree hollows. Some time ago we had Pardalotes nesting in a pile of potting mix. This necessitated buying more mix and using that until the young left their subterranean nest. When they nest in burrows, Pardalotes are susceptible to attack by feral predators.
Spotted Pardalotes appear to have little fear of humans. When they are foraging in foliage near to the ground it is possible to observe them very closely.  
They will nest in drainage pipes hung under the eaves. A number of bird enthusiasts, in Armidale, have Pardalotes nesting regularly under their eaves. Our son, Lachlan, has generously made us a number of nesting tubes. They will be hung under our eaves before the spring nesting season.