Silvereye.JPG (21488 bytes)Silvereyes: (Zosterops lateralis) are colourful small birds about 12 centimetres long. They have a conspicuous silvery-white ring of feathers around their eyes (hence the common name). Silvereyes are widely distributed and are found on the coast and ranges from north Queensland around to southern Western Australia as well as Tasmania. Six races are recognised throughout their range. There are some colour variations between the races. The Silvereyes that visit Yallaroo have yellow throats, flanks that are buff to chestnut and lemon yellow under the tail.
Their diet is varied and consists of: insects, berries, fruit and nectar. Silvereyes are reputed to be orchard pests. Another common name is Grape-eater. Silvereyes are not a problem at Yallaroo. Small flocks move through our shrubberies eating insects as they go and sometimes berries from our Dianella plants.
The bird illustrated flew into our lounge room window and was stunned. After posing for photographs the Silvereye recovered and flew into the garden.
Silvereyes built a cup-shaped nest suspended between the forked branches of shrubs. So far we have not observed any Silvereye nesting activity at Yallaroo.  

Some of this information was gleaned from two excellent bird books:
A Field Guide to the Birds of Australia by Graham Pizzey. Published by Collins.
Field Guide to the Birds of Australia by Simpson & Day. Published by Penguin Books.