Senna-art.JPG (25852 bytes)Senna artemisioides: is a member of the Caesalpinceae family. This Senna and other species used to be included in the Cassia genus. Now there are 35 Australian Sennas and only two Cassias.
Senna artemisioides was known as the Silver Cassia (this should now be Silver Senna). There are at least 11 subspecies of the Silver Senna. Our cultivated specimens are probably Senna artemisioides subsp artemisioides.
Silver Senna is an attractive small to medium shrub with silvery grey, pinnate foliage and bright yellow flowers appear in spring, summer and autumn. Flat, black pods that contain a large number of seeds follow the flowers. Foliage, flowers and pods are all attractive features.
The Silver Senna inhabits dry inland areas of all mainland Australian states. Our specimens have proved to be drought tolerant, frost resistant and free flowering.
Silver Senna maintains its compact shape with the minimum of pruning.
The foliage contrasts with other foliage in the garden. Cultivate, this Senna, as a foreground plant in shrubberies.
Propagate from seed that should be scarified or soaked in boiling water. Cutting propagation is also possible.