Scaevola_striata.jpg (49213 bytes)Scaevola striata: is a member f the Goodeniaceae family and is known as the Veined Fan Flower.

Scaevola striata is a dwarf, spreading perennial herb that may sometimes sucker.

The leaves may be up to six centimetres long, two centimetres wide, oblong to ovate, deep green, with toothed margins and a pointed apex.

The flowers are four centimetres across, bluish-purplish or pink with white or yellow throats. Blooms are held in sprays that may reach 30 centimetres in length. The flowers are always conspicuous and may be abundant. Flowering extends through spring and summer with sporadic flowering at other times.

Scaevola striata is a beautiful ground cover that could be cultivated in rockeries, native cottage gardens or as an eye-catching understorey plant in the foreground of native shrubberies.

Scaevola striata is a native of Western Australia and is found in the botanically rich southwest corner of that state.

Propagate from cuttings. Excellent results are obtained from suckering stems. In general, members of the Goodeniaceae family propagate rapidly from cuttings.