Scaevola_Aussie_Salute.jpg (48308 bytes)Scaevola Aussie Salute: is a member of the Goodeniaceae family. Members of the genus are known as Fan Flowers. This name refers to the shape of the flowers.

“Aussie Salute” is a cultivar of Scaevola aemula and develops into a low mound reaching a height of 40 centimetres. Plants become covered in large, fan-shaped purple-blue blooms in spring and summer. Flowers are held above the bright green foliage which distinguishes this cultivar from other forms of Scaevola aemula.

Try this cultivar in pots, hanging baskets, cottage gardens and rockeries. An “Aussie Salute” in full flower would make an eye-catching feature in any garden.

Scaevola Aussie Salute has one shortcoming. We have found that plants have a life span of two years or so in the garden. Try pruning after flowering to extend the life of plants. Perhaps the cultivar should be regarded as a short-lived perennial.

On a positive note, “Aussie Salute” propagates readily and rapidly from cuttings. We ensure that we take cuttings on a regular basis.
Other Scaevolas have longer life spans than “Aussie Salute”. Scaevola humilis, sometimes known as “Purple Profusion” and S. albida are both dense ground covers that will survive and thrive in gardens for many years. "Mauve Clusters" is a cultivar of S. albida and has proved to be a hardy, long lived and free flowering ground cover. Their blooms are smaller than those of “Aussie Salute”.